Alpine Strawberry 15 ML


This is an extremely nice vape; when we tested this flavour, it went straight to production. Distinct strawberry flavour, strongly frosted over, both on the in and exhale. Excellent TH qualities too.  ...


Crepe 15 ML


Imagine its pancake day everyday? well now you can with this toasty flavoured holysmoke crepe elquid. Our new crepe flavour eliquid has a delicious taste on the inhale and an awesome TH even with lower nicotine.  ...


Vanilla Custard 15 ML

The long awaited Holysmoke Vanilla Custard eliquid is finally here. Sweet Creamy Vanilla Custard flavour. When you miss the days when you could have mom's custard cream at anytime, Holysmoke is here to do the trick!!!! ...


Sigelei ZMAX Telescope V3 Kit


Holysmoke! Now available also in Cyprus, the Sigelei ZMAX Telescope V3 Kit. This is a high-performance device, with the ability to select variable voltage and wattage, a beautiful OLED screen and the ability to run in single or dual battery mode. The Version 3 of the Sigelei ZMax offers an ev...


Kanger E-Smart Starter Kit

The Kanger e-smart starter kit is an outstanding piece of equipment. This sleek and slim starter kit is great if you fancy something lightweight and portable. The advantage is that this starter kit comes with 2 kanger e- smart BCC (Bottom Coil Changeable) clearomisers and contains two 320 mA...


Aspire Nautilus Mini Adjustable Airflow Tank System

The new Aspire Nautilus Mini Glass Clearomizers is made with the newest bottom vertical coil system (BVC) and has an exclusive adjustable airflow design, It shares the same structure with it's big brother, the Aspire Nautilus BVC Glass Clearomizer. It features a unique airflow valve with 4 h...


Aspire CF VV 1600mAh Carbon Fibre Battery

The Aspire CF (Carbon Fibre) 1600 mah variable voltage battery series are a high and durable e-cigarette power system. This battery features stainless steal end points, a metal button and a carbon fibre coated tube. The Aspire CF VV battery contains a revolutionary spring connector. This unique t...


Iced Lemon


Iced lemon: this is a very refreshing lemony combination of our natural flavours. TH indicator: high.  ...



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Welcome to Holy Smoke LTD

Dear customers and fellow vapers, please support the EFVI in their efforts with the European Commission to regulate vaping a sensible manner. This is important, since the EU Tobacco Directive contains a number of errors that should be rectified. You can click on the picture (logo, on the right) or here and you will be taken to the EC website, where signatures can be deposited online. This is important, please inform yourself by reading up on the EFVI’s homepage (click here) and there are a number of other interesting articles, click here and click here. We will need 1 Million signatures across the EU. This is in all our interest. Please help to spread the word.  

We have a range or most exquisite eliquids, made from the finest ingredients. All ingredients for our Holysmoke e-liquids are from Germany, Austria and Italy (where they undergo strictest quality controls), some selected flavours from the USA and also, yes, from Cyprus. All basic ingredients are of pharmaceutical grade purity, our flavours are natural fruit extracts in most cases and at least USP (food) grade. We pride ourselves in being fully compliant with applicable laws and regulations in Cyprus and the EU.

We regularly check our eliquids in a most reputable biotechnological lab in Germany. The results show that our Holysmoke eliquids are pure and clean, correctly labelled and most importantly, a complete absence of carcinogenic nitrosamines (reports can be seen in our shop and can be supplied upon request). Also, our e-liquids do not contain Diacetyl. 

Pure vape, pure enjoyment and made in Cyprus. This is what we, Holy Smoke, stand for. We are passionate about quality at affordable prices. We have an ongoing offer "pick and mix" 4 bottles of 15ML holysmoke e-liquid and pay only for 3! This means, you get 60 ML of e-liquid for € 15, sounds ok?

We proudly introduce Svoe Mesto MODs and Kayfun rebuildable atomisers (hand made in Germany). SVOE MESTO KAYFUN LITE PLUS and SEMOVAR NIVEL MOD in STOCK NOW (and if not, then we will restock within a few days)

Aspire Nautilis adjustable airflow system Clearomizer in stock now!

Our holysmoke vaping lounge is now fully open. Click HERE for a map. Come and visit us and sample our flavours, try our latest holysmoke eliquds, have a chat, get the latest info on products and trends, ask questions, get your kits repaired, etc. We are here for you. 

 Holysmoke Review Raffle: We got your attention? Well here is how our Holysmoke raffle works. At the  end of each month, we will choose (blindly of course) a winner or two amongst  the reviews we have received in this month. Good or bad (the amount of stars) makes no  difference whatsoever (guaranteed). In fact we encourage critical reviews; it  keeps us on our toes and helps us to improve. The winners are announced  on our facebook site, just click on the picture and you will be taken there directly. Winners are announced on our facebook page!


New Flavours: we always test and introduce new holysmoke eliquid flavours:

NEW: click here for a full overview of new flavours. Latest: David-off, Tuscan Reserve, Apache, Alpine Strawberry, Bazooka, Key Lime Pie, Malibu, Watermelon Sorbet. 

Under “development”: Sorbet Range, starting with Blackcurrant, Bazooka, Raspberry and others. 

DIACETYL: this is to confirm that Holy Smoke e-liquids do not contain (even traces of) Diacetyl. Most of our aromas even comply with Directive 834/2007 (EU Organic Regulations). We vape these e-liquids ourselves, hence this is in all our interest (we have negative confirmations of all our suppliers). Where there is / was or will be even a shadow of doubt, we discontinue/d this particular flavour.  If you are concerned or if you have a specific question to this end, please contact us on

Holy Smoke - Made in Cyprus. eLiquid for electronic cigarettes

Holy Smoke produce and sell e-liquids for electronic cigarettes in Cyprus. We are in compliance with the laws and regulations of Cyprus. We label our products correctly. We only use pure ingredients. PG and VG, both are food products imported to highest quality standards from Germany and Austria. Flavours are from Cyprus, Austria and Italy. Our nicotine is a tobacco water extract and also imported from Germany. Almost 99% of our liquid is foodstuff! Products that are either found in foods or preserve foods. We add between 0.8 and 1.6% organic nicotine. This is a real alternative to Chinese liquids. You will taste the difference.