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About Holysmoke LTD

Holysmoke Ltd is an independent company established in Cyprus in 2012, as a joint venture between a couple of vape Vets. After finding the transition to vaping fairly easy after years of smoking, we became wary about this fairly new product we had started using in our quest to become healthier. Despite the seeming success of the e-liquid and e-cigarette overnight we wanted to have more assurance of exactly what was going into these products, rather than just putting blind faith into the mass produced manufactured resources available at the time.

And so this is how Holy Smoke was born. We wanted to create a new product to bring to the market, with fewer but higher quality ingredients, so we knew EXACTLY what we were inhaling into our bodies. After years of smoking chemicals in cigarettes, we wanted to vape a controlled substance with the least damaging effects. This is exactly what we have done. This is exactly what our products are.

We do not add any chemicals which, for example, would stop natural oxidisation; this occurs when oxygen reaches the liquids, the colour of the liquid may change! We have a renowned chemist from Austria, who advises us on production methods and production environment. We regularly check our liquids, lab reports are available in the shop. We create the liquids in a laboratory and therefore clean environment, ensuring quality control while we’re busy concocting the newest flavours for you!

Most importantly though, we love what we do and have fun creating new products for you. 

Holy Smoke - Made in Cyprus. eLiquid for electronic cigarettes

Holy Smoke produce and sell e-liquids for electronic cigarettes in Cyprus. We are in compliance with the laws and regulations of Cyprus. We label our products correctly. We only use pure ingredients. PG and VG, both are food products imported to highest quality standards from Germany and Austria. Flavours are from Cyprus, Austria and Italy. Our nicotine is a tobacco water extract and also imported from Germany. Almost 99% of our liquid is foodstuff! Products that are either found in foods or preserve foods. We add between 0.8 and 1.6% organic nicotine. This is a real alternative to Chinese liquids. You will taste the difference.

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