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This is to inform our customers about our compliance status with the EU TPD (2014/40/EU) and its implications for the vaping industry and sector. This directive, once nationally implemented, requires a number of measures to be taken by the e-liquid and e-cigarette industry. The most important ones are as shown below, together with our status of compliance:

-        Bottle:

o   Child-proof bottle caps: fully compliant;

o   Label warnings: fully compliant;

o   10 ML capacity: under implementation, we are selling off our stock of 15ML bottles until the 20th May 2017, from this moment on, we will only sell 10ML bottles;

o   Leak proof bottles: fully compliant;

-        Nicotine:

o   Nicotine strength restrictions, maximum 20mg/ml: fully compliant;

-        Notification regime:



o   E-liquid testing: ongoing, Holysmoke LTD is cooperating with Nutilab, an accredited laboratory in Cyprus, our eliquids and base liquids are tested in line with the new requirements of the TPD; 

o   6 months advance notification of products: under implementation, Holysmoke LTD is registered with the relevant EU body and is in the process of submitting the required notifications; 


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Holy Smoke - Made in Cyprus. eLiquid for electronic cigarettes

Holy Smoke produce and sell e-liquids for electronic cigarettes in Cyprus. We are in compliance with the laws and regulations of Cyprus. We label our products correctly. We only use pure ingredients. PG and VG, both are food products imported to highest quality standards from Germany and Austria. Flavours are from Cyprus, Austria and Italy. Our nicotine is a tobacco water extract and also imported from Germany. Almost 99% of our liquid is foodstuff! Products that are either found in foods or preserve foods. We add between 0.8 and 1.6% organic nicotine. This is a real alternative to Chinese liquids. You will taste the difference.

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Note: In order to purchase electronic cigarette liquid and other vaping products from the Holy Smoke website you must be over 18 years of age. If you are not over 18 please do not enter this website. Thank you.