Tips & Instructions

TIPs for All NEWBIES: 

(1) Read the manuals, check reviews, see if we have tips/review links in our descriptive sections; 

(2) TAKE slow and long drags! Slow and steady! Not these short and hard drags we know from the cigs. 

(3) Almost all conventional batteries (apart from the eRoll) have a 5-click on/off button. when the button is alight, the battery works. Make sure it is charged. 

All Clearomisers FIRST TIME USE:

All clearomisers and cartomisers, the Vivis, Kangers, CE, etc. will require filling (3/4 full) and a couple of minutes rest before you actually connect it to the battery. This is to ensure the wick is saturated with liquid before you use it the first time. This is important, once connected and activated, the coils heat up the wick and this way the juice evaporates. If there is no juice, the wick gets burned and you need a new wick.

All Clearomisers Day to DAY USE:

Never dry-vape your clearo/carto. Always make sure there is sufficient juice in the device and is where the wicks are. If it gets warm, give it a few minutes rest and vape again. If maintained well, a clearo can get you going for months. On average, we would say 3 weeks to 2 months, then you will need a new wick/coil.

If you change flavours, take the wick out, wash it (see maintenance below), dry it (dont do this dry burning, it reduces the life span dramatically) and then re-use it. Some flavours, like menthol, or flue cured tobacco will stay in the wick for some time; try rinsing with alcohol. Or, maybe you dont bother, and just put the new flavour in a vape it over the old one. 

All Clearomisers Maintenance:

If your clearo is rebuildable, take it apart, wash it with warm water and leave it in a cup of either warm water or alcohol (wodka, gin, etc) for a couple of hours. Then, wash it again with warm water and leave it to dry somewhere sunny/warm. When you re-assemble the clearo, make sure you need to fill it first, wait a few minutes before you start vaping (see above).


Make sure it is well filled and you wait for a good period (10 mins+) before you use it. The juice needs to reach the coils, otherwise it will burn instantly and be unusable. 


Kanger T2:

When you unscrew the tip for refilling, sometimes the rubber cover of the wick will also come lose. When you close the T2, make sure that the wick – covered by this rubber part is firmly screwed in, otherwise it will not work.

Kanger T3:

Sometimes the bottom coil would appear to leak. Make sure its firmly screwed into the clearo. Make sure the little rubbery ring cover, a small part at the bottom of the wick, is in place, otherwise you may experience “drowning” of the wick, you will get a gurgling sound and juice might come through the clearo.

Here is a video for advanced users:


Sometimes the tip come lose and would not re-connect firmly with the clearo. This is when the metal ring has come lose and sticks to the tip rather than to the clearo. If this happens, take the ring and press it back into the top part of the V3+, looking at it from the top, you will see where it should be. If this persists, put a tiny amount of glue on the ring and let dry before you use it again.

Kanger Protank:

Blow out the glass container, there might be some lose bits and pieces from the manufacturing process.

EVOD/Kanger ProTank

Sometimes the coil might become lose when you refill the clearo. You will notice this with the vape performance being very poor. Open the clearo and tighten the coil (not too tight).

A7 Mini:

Sometimes it might not fire. Turn it up-side down, look at the screw that connects to the battery. There is an inlay in the middle, and it might need screwing up a little, so it connects with the battery. 

Instructions for the Kanger EVOD:

Please read the instructions included in the pack (we really mean this). Then, when you use the EVOD, just assemble it as shown. Put half a tank of eliquid into the EVOD, by unscrewing the bottom part of the clearomiser. Point the filling needle sideways, away from the hole in the middle. Tilt the clearo sideways and once the eliquid reaches the the metal, stop. Now, put it back together and take a few dry puffs, meaning you just suck on it without actually firing the battery. This is important so that the elqiuid goes all the way into the wick/coil before you start using it. Wait for another minute or two and then enjoy! Remember: slow and steady wins the race. Take slow and long drags!



If there you notice a burnt taste, there is a fix; you do this at your own risk, this is taken from one of the internet forums. First you need to disassemble the unit. Remove the top cap, the tank itself, and the centre post/bottom cap from the atomizer head assembly. Then, remove the small silicone washer from the top of the atty head. Take care not to lose the metal washer inside the silicone washer. Examine your atomizer from the top, looking in: Inside the guts of the atty head, there are three things: the wicks and the coil, and this doughnut/sleeve of fibre cloth-like material around the inside of the post; there is a cloth-like material and it may have brown burns on it. Carefully using a pair of nail scissors, cut it in half and with a pair of tweezers, carefully coax the pieces out between the coil. Be aware that if you mess up and pull on that coil, you may end up breaking or pulling the coil wires, in which case you'll need to replace the coil/wick assembly.


Contact us if you have any questions or problems. 



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