Holysmoke Zero Nicotine Booster Pack

Shake n Vape

“Shake n Vape” explained:

Holysmoke introduces the “Shake n Vape” concept. Because of the implications of the TPD, we can no longer sell nicotine e-liquid other than 10 ML in quantity and 20mg/ml nicotine as the highest nicotine concentrate. We are aware how inconvenient this can be. Thus, we offer the Holysmoke “Shake n Vape” concept. 

“Shake n Vape” means, we will send you your preferred base concentrate at “0” nicotine. Along this “Shake n Vape” offer, you have choices. You can opt for zero nicotine, in this case, all you have to do is to choose the traditional PG/VG ratio of 50/50, or if you prefer opt for 70 VG and 30 PG (slightly sweeter and produces more cloud); then, complete your order, no further action is needed, you will receive your Holysmoke e-liquid in perfect condition; just leave the filled “Nicotine Strength” empty, it does not apply to your order. 

If you prefer Nicotine, you have two choices. Either “Light” or “Strong in the field “Nicotine Strength”. If you choose Light, we will add 2 x 10 ML booster nicotine bottles, unflavoured nicotine base e-liquid, 9mg/ml each. If you choose “Strong”, we will add 2 x 10 ML booster nicotine bottles, unflavoured nicotine base e-liquid, 18mg/ml each

The Holysmoke flavoured base liquid comes in 60 ML bottles, but is only filled to 40 ML. This is a flavour concentrate and should, undiluted, not be vaped. Once you receive your order, open the big bottle and carefully empty the two boosters into the big bottle, close it tight and shake. As a result, you will end up with 60 ML of e-liquid, if you opted for “Light” the nicotine level will be 3 mg/ml and if you opted for “Strong”, the nicotine level will be 6 mg/ml.

Please keep the nicotine booster bottles and their labels.    

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9 Muses is a inspirational name after the ancient Greek goddesses that inspired homer himself, as a source of poetry, science and knowledge.

A infused Strawberry sugar cookie flavour. A light all day vape, designed to tickle your taste buds! This is a well loved flavour among our Holysmoke staff, we just simply cannot get enough of it!

Holysmoke is keeping it traditional with this one! A Crisp Delicious pastry with a breathtaking sweet apple filling. Keeping to our English heritage, this one reminds us of old granny putting out her crumble on the window shelf to cool down. The scent of this magnificent e-liquid is stupendously Delicious! 

A Vibrant Dash of succulent red berries and a sensational eucalyptus.

This is a distinctly tasty e-liquid, made for forest fruit and berry lovers and is one of our all time bestseller, it flies off our shelves. 

We offer 40 ML of Holysmoke zero nicotine pre-mixed  e-liquid; it comes conveniently in a 60 ML bottle; If you order this at "0" nicotine, we will top it up for you automatically. If you prefer "with nicotine", choose the nicotine booster shot and desired PG/VG Ratio from the selection above and you will receive (2 x 10 ML nicotine booster shots) in which you will need to add to the Holysmoke pre - mixed  zero base. The boosters will arrive in either  “9” or “18” mg/ml nicotine, resulting (if mixed with the base) in 3 or 6 mg/ml nicotine strength.

Please note if you do not select a desired  nicotine strength the option for ZERO nicotine will select automatically.

Please see examples below:

Example 1:  desired strength “ZERO”:

·      60 ML: Order 40 ML pre - mixed Holysmoke e-liquid, we will add the 20 ML "0" nicotine base automatically.

Example 2: desired strength “3 mg/ml”:

·      60 ML: Order 40 ML pre - mixed Holysmoke e-liquid; add 2 x 10 ML low nicotine booster (9 mg/ml);  This will have to be mixed by the individual after purchase.

Example 3: desired strength “6 mg/ml”:

·      60 ML: Order 40 ML pre - mixed Holysmoke e-liquid; add two x 10 ML high nicotine booster (18 mg/ml); This will have to be mixed by the individual after purchase.


Inspired by the Italians, making some of the best ice cream worldwide . We came across this exquisite flavour in the depths of Milan, a sweet strawberry texture with a milky velvet cream finish. Just imagine yourself in a small traditional Gelateria / coffee shop vaping away, soaking up the view of the breathtaking classical Italian architecture and culture.


Winter is coming! One of our most iciest flavours yet! A overall Sweet sensation followed by a  succulent taste of woodland fruit and a back lash of that menthol we all love!


Jungle blast is exactly how you can imagine. This eliquid has a tropical taste with fruity flavours and is sure to give you a blast when you vape it.

After our best selling RYE4 mixture, we are now introducing our RY4 e-liquid. This is the traditional RY4 tobacco mixture.

Strawberry Kiwi is exactly how you would imagine it, a refreshing delight of sweetness and a balanced tone of that sharp strawberry that we all love.

This is pure menthol, softened to an extent by our secret (natural!) ingredients. It will blow you away, literally.
The long awaited Holysmoke Vanilla Custard eliquid is finally here. Sweet Creamy Vanilla Custard flavour.