Authentic Joyetech electronic cigarettes, we import our ecigarettes and asseccories from Germany.

Electronic Cigarette Information

First of all, we only sell authentic products, Joyetech, Kanger, Smok, Svoe Mesto, Vision, Boge, Trustfire, Panasonic, etc. We import all ecigarettes and accessories from authorised sources, if not from the manufaturers diretctly! Second, we always price our products at the lowest possible level. In doing that, we can offer authentic products at very competitive prices. Should you find a genuine product somewhere else cheaper, please let us know, we will reward such information!

We advise strongly against buying "cheap replicas". They dont work that well and you maybe disappointed. Replicas of the authentic product cost perhaps half of the price, but you will have troubles and will not be satisfied. We know that by the amount of people coming to our shops and "complaining"; we will always try to put this right. Check our shop for a comparison and you will quickly realise that we are only the price of a pack of cigarettes or two apart. 

E-cigarettes Basic Info

These days, the industry is much advanced compared to a year or two ago. Nowadays, there are atomiser and clearomiser based units. Atomizer based units, made up of a battery, the atomizer and its casing and the cartridge (mouth piece). If you take a long and slow drag, you will experience a sensation very similar to a traditional (drag of a) cigarette. This depends of course on the liquid you use. The same goes for the clearomiser (and cartomiser) units; these seem to be more popular these days.

In general eliquid come in several strengths, from “0” nicotine, to light versions having less than 10mg/ml nicotine, medium around 16 to 18mg/ml of nicotine, some manufacturers offer 24mg/ml and more; we restrict ourselves to the legal limit in Cyprus of 20mg/ml (special order only).

The atomizer or clearomiser mixes the liquid with air and heats it up to 40+ degrees (depending on the model) and you inhale this “vapour”. It is not smoke and nicotine is not burned, as is the case with cigarettes. The type and strength of liquid will depend on your smoking habit. If you desire a “throat hit” – this is a technical term under us “vapors” – and means the sensation on the back of your neck, down to the lungs, then you will need to start with stronger mixtures first (meant is what makes you cough if you inhale a too strong cigarette, or, if you smoke a cigarette much lighter than your usual strength, you feel nothing, what you are missing, or what makes you cough is the “throat hit”, sometimes also called “flash”).

Do not worry about the strength and the frequency with which you “vapor” (smoke) your e-cigarette; you cut out on hundreds and thousands of other harmful chemicals if you switch to the electronic cigarette. Reference is made those internet platforms, e.g:

E Cigrette Explosion??

This was a tragic incident, but has absolutely nothing to do with conventional e-cigarettes. This happened in the USA where the unlucky user has modified the battery to a higher voltage than allowed and certain standard safety requirements were violated (in this particular case, holes in the battery casing).  

Quality e cigarettes have lithium-ion batteries, as have electric toothbrushes, mobile phones, laptops, digi cams, etc and are protected from over and undercharging. Billions of these batteries are used on a day to day basis. E-cigarettes explode just as much as do mobile phones or laptops.