HolySmoke e-Liquid made in Cyprus. Delivery Larnaca to Lemesos, Limassol, Lefkosia, Nicosia, Famagusta, Pafos, Paphos

Holy Smoke e-Liquid

We guarantee that at least 99% of all our eliquids are made of food grade products. The exact percentage depends on the amount of nicotine, for example our “0” nicotine eliquids are 100% food grade, our 6 mg/ml are 99.4% food grade, etc. The main ingredients of our eliquid PG and VG are of pharmaceutical grade, produced in Germany. Most of the flavours / aromas in our Holysmoke eliquid are 100% natural food extracts, also produced in Germany, Austria or Italy. There are a variety of chemicals that would enhance the flavour of an eliquid, avoid changes in the colour (oxiditation, a natural process) of an eliquid, etc. We do not add any unnessecary components to our eliquid. Most of our eliquids will change colour once opened and / or when they get warmer. We keep our eliquids as natural as possible, and what you find on the label of our elqiuid is exactly what has gone in there. This is, we believe, a valuable alternative to chinese eliquids.

Feel free to mix our e-liquids, we encourage our customers to experiment, and if you found a nice mixture, let us know; if we take it up and it goes into production, we will reward you with free eliquids. Worldwide delivery available. We have vape shops, vape stores around the island.

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A infused Strawberry sugar cookie flavour. A light all day vape, designed to tickle your taste buds! This is a well loved flavour among our Holysmoke staff, we just simply cannot get enough of it!
Darkhill tobacco is perfect for starter vapers getting off the cigarettes, earthy notes, clean body and a for filling texture.