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In accordance with applicable laws in Cyprus and the Tobacco Product Directive (TPD), costs have increased considerably (testing, notification, packaging, etc.) and we can no longer sell the traditional Holysmoke 15 ML bottles.

The Government of Cyprus has also introduced a new levy (special tax) of € 0.12 per ML of e-liquid (sold in Cyprus); for a 10 ML bottle of e-liquid, this levy equates to € 1.20 of extra costs. We therefore had to review our price structure and increased our prices by around € 0.1 per ML of Holysmoke e-liquid and carry the rest of the burden ourselves. For example, the new price for a 10 ML bottle of TPD compliant Holysmoke e-liquid is now € 4 (up from € 3).

Due to the new regulations in Cyprus, unfortunately we have to stop our special offer of 5+1. We are very sorry about any inconvenience caused.

We take this opportunity to draw you attention to our Shake n Vape concept, click here for more information

We guarantee that at least 99% of all our eliquids are made of food grade products.

Feel free to pick and mix on all our e-liquids.