Tobacco Directive

This is to inform our customers about our compliance status with the EU TPD (2014/40/EU), which was transposed into CY law and its implications for the vaping industry and sector. This directive, once nationally implemented, requires a number of measures to be taken by the e-liquid and e-cigarette industry. The most important ones are as shown below, together with our status of compliance:

-        Bottle:

o   Child-proof bottle caps: fully compliant;

o   Label warnings: fully compliant;

o   10 ML capacity: under implementation, we are selling off our stock of 15ML bottles until the 01 October 2017, from this moment on, we will only sell 10ML bottles containing nicotine;

o   Leak proof bottles: fully compliant;

-        Nicotine:

o   Nicotine strength restrictions, maximum 20mg/ml: fully compliant;

-        Notification regime:                     


o   E-liquid testing: the first series of tests have been completed; we are cooperating with Nutrilab, an accredited laboratory in Cyprus, our eliquids and base liquids are tested in line with the new requirements of the TPD; 

o   6 months advance notification of products: under implementation, Holysmoke LTD is registered with the relevant EU body and the relevant CY authorities; the submission process of the first series of tests is completed;