Our Liquids

If you have any questions and issues you are encouraged to join one of the many “vaping” forums, for example: www.e-cigarette-forum.com or www.vapersforum.com. Here is what we know and think.... 

We have a range or most exquisite eliquids, made from the finest ingredients. All ingredients for our Holysmoke e-liquids are from Germany, Austria and Italy (where they undergo strictest quality controls), some selected flavours from the USA and also, yes, from Cyprus. All basic ingredients are of pharmaceutical grade purity, our flavours are natural fruit extracts in most cases and at least USP (food) grade. We pride ourselves in being fully compliant with applicable laws and regulations in Cyprus and the EU.

We regularly check our eliquids in a most reputable biotechnological lab in Germany. The results show that our Holysmoke eliquids are pure and cleancorrectly labelled and most importantly, a complete absence of carcinogenic nitrosamines (reports can be seen in our shop and can be supplied upon request). Our lab is fully compliant with the Health and Safety regulations. We work in a sterile enviremont to ensure best quality, pure vape, pure enjoyment and made in Cyprus. This is what we, Holy Smoke, stand for. We are passionate about quality at affordable prices.

What is in the Holysmoke liquids?

Basically, we restrict ourselves to 4 ingredients. These are PG, VG, aroma and organic nicotine. We do not add any other components. We have all smoked enough (4000+) chemicals with each and every cigarette, more than 60 of those are proven to cause cancer.

Our liquids are tasty, we add slightly more flavour than most of our competitors. They do not taste as smooth as some others do, this is for the absence of some additives that we prefer to omit; and this is why we add slightly more flavouring. Our flavours are all food flavours, most are natural.

We guarantee that at least 98% of all our eliquids are made of food grade products; the exact percentage depends on the amount of nicotine, for example our “0” nicotine eliquids are 100% food grade, our 6 mg/ml are 99.4% food grade, etc. This is, we believe, a valuable alternative to chinese liquids.   

The main ingredients of our eliquids are food grade Vegetable Glycerin (VG) and pharmaceutical Propylene Glycol (PG); Whilst the names might sound "strange" the substances are completely harmless and used in pharmaceutical products, foods, toothpaste, shaving cream chewing gums, etc. They are freely available in most European countries and in the USA. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) includes propylene glycol on its list of substances Generally Recognised as Safe (GRAS) and its also used for asthma inhalers. (See articles here: www.articlesnatch.com/Article/The-Many-Uses-For-Propylene-Glycol/775807). Vegetable Glycerin (VG) is also widely used and non toxic. It is a natural component of all fats and used as a component in many body care products. It is also freely available in most European countries and in the US.

We add aromas / flavourings, to provide some taste. These too are natural and artificial food flavourings and as such non-toxic. Finally, we add tobacco water extract as nicotine, imported from the Germany, where it undergoes very strict quality controls. Our lightest nicotine eliquid has 0.3% (3mg/ml)  and our strongest at 1.8% (18mg/ml). 

Labels "Harmful and Toxic"

If you are worried about the label icons, "harmful" and "toxic". Well here is a quick run down of facts and our opinion. Fact is, the liquids contain small amounts, but nevertheless, pure nicotine. Nicotine is a toxic chemical. Conversely, nicotine in cigarettes (and therefore much more damaging) it is not deemed toxic. Be that as it may, there are EU regulations on this and we fully comply with applicable legislation. 

This EU Regulations require us to label our products, and, if those contain nicotine then we must affix the "X" for the light versions, meaning harmful if swallowed etc. and "Toxic" for the medium version.

We have absolutely no problem in complying with applicable legislation and just to be clear, if you see a liquid which does not have these icons and warnings affixed, then they are in breach of EU and Cyprus law. It does not mean that those liquids would be "healthier" than ours. 

How much eliquid equals my cigarette consumption?

This is a tricky question, but one every vaper asks in the beginning. Here is what we think, after having conducted quite a bit of research on this issue. 

An average 1 pack a day smoker should be able to switch on a higher (16 to 18 mg/ml) strength liquid and vape about 20-30 ml of this a week, provided this liquid produces a good thoat hit! Mathematical models do not work (like the amount of nicotine in a cigarette compared to the amount of nicotine in a cartridge, or 10 drags on an electronic cigarette). The nicotine absorbed by a cigarette is different to the nicotine absorbed by vaping, this has to do with the burning process and the inhaling, for more information, please check at the forums (www.e-cigarette-forum.com). 

However, the advice each experienced vaper will give you is: vape – initially - as much as you want, take long and slow drags, try to avoid the liquid coming into direct contact with your mouth (if you drag to hard and fast), and try to break the habit of lightning up a cigarette. You will, eventually, develop a routine, just as you did (or do) when you smoke/d. You will find the right strength (and reduce it over time, as we all do), the right flavour and the right rhythm. 


Any other questions, you are welcome to contact us and we will get back to you personally.