Product Knowledge

Here you will find an informative guide on products that are available on our Website. This guide will help give you key information on the products you are purchasing along with some important information regarding the vaping industry . We are always available should you require further assistance please  contact us and we will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Starter Kits:

Pod Kits: One of the latest developments in vaping industry and one of the most popular kits of choice: Easy to use, plug and play style vaping, compact and small in size and easy to replace the pods. These kits are perfect for somebody who chooses to start out their vaping journey generally MTL style vaping combined with a high percentage of nicotines salts that mimics the smoking style of a cigarette. There are some variation of pods that offer offer RDL and DTL style vapes.

Single Battery Kits: These kits usually harbour a single 18650/21700 size battery and outfitted either with a MTL and DTL tank depending on the design. These kits are medium pocket sized and have a longer expected battery life than pod kits.

Dual Battery Kits: Dual Battery Kits are often the prefered choice for DTL Style Vapers as they can fit either Dual 18650/21700 batteries. This added battery capacity is perfect for larger tanks that have more power hungry coils.

AIO Kits: These kits are powered by a single battery 18650/21700 that are usually a box shaped design outfitted with a Boro tank. These kits offer MTL,RDL and DTL vape styles.

Ecig Batteries:

Single Battery Mods: Single battery mods come in all shapes and sizes that are fitted with an internal battery or with external batteries these mods are outfitted with many extras such a lock and wattage features. The latest single external battery box mods harbour 18650 and 21700 Li-ion batteries this is possible via a small plastic adapter that is harboured within the mod (please check the product description pre-purchasing). These mods are handy as they are palm sizes and able to switch batteries on the go. These are usually paired with MTL style tanks that are energy sufficient.

Dual Battery Mods: A bigger style mod that harbours dual 18650/21700 batteries a preferred mod by the DTL vapers as it gives maximum battery life and a higher amper output at lower battery levels. These mods usually have a maximum power output of 200 Watts.

Note: Each company features their own internal chip please note that some mods that have integrated DNA and YiHi chips have a higher price point.


E-Shishas: are a new edition to the Vape market there are various styles of E-Shisha some more portable than others. Shisha and vape lovers will like these products as they are a great alternative to tobacco and charcoal shishas. Maximum flavour is provided throughout the session unlike tobacco shishas, also vaping the shisha is tar free. They are a great on the go option as no charcoal, tin foil or tobacco is needed.

Tanks And RTA's:

MTL Tanks: Fitted with smaller coils and drip tips and smaller air holes with generally higher resistances for a smooth cool cigarette feel. Generally the e-liquid ratio for this tank is a 60vg/40pg blend.

RDL Tanks: A hybrid tank that is the swiss army knife of the tank world offering different resistance coils for somebody who is unsure what they need the tank for. These tanks are generally medium built with medium size coils including highly adjustable airflows for tight and loose draws. These tanks are compatible with both thick and thinner E-liquids depending on the resistance.

DTL Tanks: Also known as flavour chasing tanks with bigger built coils and huge airflows that create large amounts of vapour. These tanks generally have a bigger build and big drip tips to keep the coils cool. For the best result of anti-leaking and less spitback a minimum e-liquid ratio of 70vg/30pg is advised.

RTA Tanks: These tanks are called the "tinkerer tanks" a more experimental type of tank with open decks that can be retrofitted with external coils and cotton of your choice. There are many variation of coils and cottons to create your perfect build.

RDTA Tanks: RDTA tanks are a hybrid between RDA's and RTA's with a bottom well for the liquid that is drawn up either by cotton or metal spokes to the coils which are placed on the top deck. Air is fed through straight to the coil and the drip tip is large for maximum vapour production.


One of the first and refined forms of vaping, there is no tank involved to hold your e-juice just a set of coils and cotton that e-liquid is dripped every several puffs. With this method vaping you will get the purest form of flavour. Also with bigger coil builds that handle more wattage we have "cloud chasing" that is a mass production of vapour.

Single Coil Decks: Single coil decks have a smaller more robust design able to fit a single coil for a more cooler, relaxed vape style these are preferred for testing flavours when making them yourself or when you are not cloud chasing.

Dual Coil Decks: Dual coil decks usually have a more open plan design able to fit bigger coils and more cotton for maximum flavour and vapour production.

Replacement Coils:

What Is a Coil: A  Replacement coil is ultimately a wire that is encased with cotton in a metal casing, either a push or screw mechanism is outfitted to safely secure it within the tank. Generally coils should be replaced with 10-14 days. Liquids with artificial sweeteners will reduce the coil life rapidly.

Resistances: The resistance mirrors the vape style of the user a general rule of thumb is a lower resistance DTL Vape style (0.15 Ohm - 0.5 Ohm) requires a thicker e-liquid and higher wattage to operate smoothly. As for a higher resistance range we would call a MTL Vape style (0.7 Ohm - 1.8 Ohm) require a thinner blend of liquid and less wattage to operate.

Replacement Pods:

There are 2 types of pods: Fitted with a intergrated coil that are disposed as a complete unit and empty pods that can be re-used multiple times that fits an external coil that is replaceable. Nicotine salt is the recommended nicotine in replacement pods.

Resistances: A general rule of thumb is that higher resistances e.g 1.0 Ohm - 1.3 Ohm have a softer, colder and more restricted vape style. Lower resistances e.g 0.6 Ohm - 0.8 Ohm offer a moderate more open vape style that has a easier draw and slightly warmer feel to the vapor.

Replacing Your Pod: For hygeine purposes we usually recommend changing the pod within a 10-14 day period with this timeframe we find the performance of the pod is at its best. Please note Sucralose infused e-liquids will drastically reduce pod life.

Replacement Glasses:

Usually constructed out of Pyrex there are many shapes and forms of tank glasses. Please note acidic flavours may crack or destroy glasses. We also recommend adding a plastic protector band around the glass. When changing a broken glass make sure there are no remaining glass shards in the plastic O-rings as this may crack the new glass.

Resistance Wire:

Simple Wires: Resistance wires are one of the first materials for any DIY vaper. Many choices can be made when building your coil a general rule is thinner the wire the more resistance it will create along with the diameter dimesion and wraps will ultimately play a role in the final resistance. This is also true when the wire is a thicker gauge the less resistance it creates this is more in favour for sub ohm vaping. Wire thickness is measured in "gauges". The thicker the wire the less gauge it has (e.g 22), thinner wires have higher gauges (e.g 28).

Wire Materials: Different metals are used in creating the wires such as Nickel, Titanium and Nitechrome, these wire are best suited for devices that use temperature control as they will give you a burned taste when used on wattage mode. The industry standard metal is Kanthal, these wires have been used for years in the vape industry as it one of the safest metals on the market, wattage modes are paired with kanthal.

Braided Wires: Braided wires are a more complex form of wires there are many different varieties spanning from simple clapton, fused clapton,framed staple clapton and alien wire. All these braids all have different pro and cons such as ohmage,heat and flavour, this depends on the needs of the users.

Prebuilt Coils:

Pre-built coils offer an array of different gauges, resistances and braids to best suite your vaping style in RTA and RDA tanks.

Why Prebuilt Coils? : Pre-built coils offer a industry standard of consistent quality and resistance every time they are purchased and built, also saving lot of time with the more complicated braid style coils such as Alien wires and Quad core fused claptons. Companies have made these coils accessible for vapers globally.


Picking cotton for your vape style may be tedious as cotton is the most important component to any DIY build. For Sub Ohm thicker cottons (100%) are favoured as they are more resistant to leaking the downside is that they have to be soaked very well and may take a few puffs to reach maximum flavour. The preferred MTL cotton is a blend of cotton and cellulose this blend is more absorbent and better suited for tanks with restricted airflow. Note: When purchasing cotton please check that it has not been bleached and 100% natural-organic.


Tools are must have for the DIY'st. Saving precious time and making the build perfect. Vape tools have many uses from wrapping and squeezing coils, cutting wires and cotton. A fully loaded tool kit is a must for the builders arsenal.

Lithium Batteries:

We offer various sizes including : 18350, 18650, 20700,21700 and 26650. Lithium Batteries are a great way to keep your devices full at all times as a easy switch over is needed for full battery life if you are carrying multiple. We always recommend charging Lithium - Ion batteries on a external charger as it gives the correct voltage in turn giving them a longer lifespan.

Please check the compatible sizes on your mods manual book.

Safety Note: Please note that Lithium-Ion batteries have polar opposites (+ -) on the top and bottom. They must be stored in plastic cases and away from any metal object that may cause them to short. Do not leave batteries in high intensity heat or damp/wet enviroments. Battery wrapping must be completely intact before operating or charging.

Charges And Wires:

Chargers: are the best way to charge lithium-ion batteries by giving the correct voltage and ampers ensuring that your battery is properly charged, therefore giving them a longer life and a lasting discharge. There are many forms of chargers catering to your needs with single,dual and quad formats. They are compatible with many sizes of batteries not only for vape uses but also for other home devices.

Wires: Currently we are living in a world that is on the go and the vaping industry is no different, new vape devices support C - Fast charging). Having a good quality wire is key to keeping your device in good condition. Please keep ports as clean as possible.

Plugs: are an important aspect in the way your device charges as displayed on the website most of the plugs have a maximum amper of (2.1A). Even though devices support fast charging they do not support Super Fast Charging. One of the most common issues with devices malfunctioning is due to over charging.

Drip Tips:

Drip tips are more of a personal preference to a vaper, it would be the final cherry on the cake. A vast array of shapes and sizes with some interesting designs that make your tank a unique sight! There are 2 different sizes of drip tips (510 and 810). 510 drip tips are smaller in stature with a thinner diameter prefered for MTL tanks. 810 drip tips have a bigger diameter allowing more air to pass through pairing better with DTL tanks. Some drip tips offer a anti spit back feature that reduces that chances of hot e-liquid burning your mouth.

Spare Parts:

Our spare parts page supports all devices and tanks we always strive to find spare parts, gadgets and lanyards that may help you to your day to day vaping.


Tips And Tricks:

We would like to share some hacks and tips and tricks that will make your vaping experience easier. Over the years we have gathered quite the expertise and we would like to share our experience with you.

Charging Tanks & Pods:

When charging your device always use a maximum of 2.1 Amper plug. We always recommend removing the tank or pod before charging as the battery gets warm this will cause the liquid to be thinner this makes the liquid more prone to leaking, once the liquid seeps into the battery this causes liquid damage, one of the most common causes for electronic cigarettes to malfunction.

Priming Coils:

Before vaping we recommend to prime your coils with pods and MTL tanks simply full  up the tank and leave it for a maximum of 5 minutes. For better priming we recommend to give the pod/tank a dry drag (take a draw when the pod is off the battery) additionally open up the filling cap to allow air into the tank this will release any vacume created when filling. With bigger DTL coils always add a little e-juice in the middle of the coil to start the priming process then follow the same procedure as written above.

Keeping Devices Clean:

Cleanliness is important in vaping and is often overlooked. We always recommend keeping the device as clean as possible to avoid liquid damage on mods and foreign objects in the tanks. To clean tanks simply place in warm water with a solution of alcohol and simply rinse please dry thoroughly. With Mods simply wipe with alcohol and tissue/cloth.

Working Coils at the Correct Wattage:

Every coil has a sweet spot of wattage this is also based on preference. Usually the recommended wattage is written on the coil itself or on the box. If there is too much power given to the coil this usually leads to a burned taste. If there is not enough power given to the coil this will lead to leaking, spitting and bubbling.

Disposable Vapes & Sucralose Infused Liquids:

Over the past few years a massive surge of disposable vapes have reached European markets. These vapes allthough easy to use and dispose, they create enviromental damage as they house Lithium-ion batteries. Most disposables are manufactured from unkown sources without any health regulations or any guarantee of the Nicotine Content and the amount of puffs. Also they are very costly for the end user to upkeep. The sugar content in Disposable e-cigarettes is very high, this may cause a severe case of vapers tongue in most cases users cannot taste e-liquids without sugar. Holysmoke Does Not Support Disposable Vapes.

The Refillable e-liquid market has also moved with the times, there is generally a bigger demand for flavours to be sweeter this is done by adding Sucralose into the pre-made recipe. Sucralose leaves a "sweetened" canderel flavour in your mouth, these flavours may get tiring over time. Sweetener also reduces coil life rapidly. We also recommend to ask us before purchasing a e-liquid if there is any Sucralose content.