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Nitecore UMS4 Intelligent Four Slot Charger

Nitecore UMS4 Intelligent Four Slot Charger

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The charger is designed to keep your batteries going for as long as possible. It is specially optimised for IMR batteries and can revive over-discharged IMR and Li-ion cells. The battery will display the battery health which is based on the internal resistance of the cell, ensuring you know when its time to replace older batteries.

The LCD display screen offers an array of real-time charging information, including the charged volume, charging time, charging current, battery voltage, battery type, cut-off voltage and charging mode. The UMS4 has an intelligent charging mode selection which works automatically when the battery is inserted. However, you are able to manually change the charging settings, such as the voltage (3.7V, 4.2V or 4.3V) and current (from 300mA - 3000mA). 

The Nitecore charger is compatible with a range of power sources to ensure it is easy to charge your batteries when you are on the go. The UMS4 can be used with various mobile devices, such as a power bank, solar panel and USB adapter. 

With safety and convenience at the forefront of this design, the Nitecore UMS4 features anti-short circuiting, reverse polarity protection and an energy saving function when there has been no action in 3 minutes. 

The charger is compatible with the following IMR/Li-ion/LiFePO4 batteries: 10440, 14500, 14650, 16500, 16340 (RCR123), 16650, 17350, 17500, 17650, 17670, 17700, 18350, 18490, 18500, 18650, 18700, 20700, 21700, 22500, 22650, 25500, 26500, 26650, 26700 and the following NiMH/NiCd batteries: AA, AAA, AAAA, C and D.

When charging 1 or 2 batteries, it is recommended to put them into Slot 1 and Slot 3, or into Slot 2 and Slot 4 to achieve a higher default charging current of 2000mA. Otherwise the default charging current is 1000mA. This will also achieve a wider selectable range of charging current of 300mA - 3000mA. Otherwise, the selectable range of charging current is 300mA - 2000mA.

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