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Tobacco Flavours 10ml

Tobacco Flavours 10ml

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10 ML of different popular tobacco flavours, diluted in PG as carrier. Start mixing it at 2-3%; depending on your taste and nicotine base, you may go higher, but start low first. You can always add more. For, say, 10ML test mixture, add between 0.2 and 0.3 ML, you can grab that amount with a pipette. Leave to rest for a day, or at least overnight! BTW, we are selling our tobacco base flavours, it will not be entirely the same as are our Holysmoke flavours, we do "stuff" to make it taste better (in our opinion anyway). You can add vanilla crystals to sweeten it, menthol to give it a kick, warm it up to make the flavour stronger, add more VG to increase the vape, add more PG to increase the throat hit, mix flavours, add cherry or vanilla, etc.

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